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Way of Living


photo by Leor Casson

On September 2019, my heart was broken, and I needed to get away from everything.

My mind constantly went to one word, that described everything, perfectly: CUSOMO.


CUSOMO, because life needs to be lived in the here and now. CUSOMO, because it does not matter what people think of you, only what you think of yourself.

CUSOMO, because the good within us is the answer to everything.

During this year, CUSOMO defined everything I did and became my philosophy -

No more background noises, No more doubting myself, focusing on the good I can create and spread, and moving forward, rigorously, knowing it will all be OK.


This belief gave me the courage to pursue an old dream, and I created sample

T-shirts, branded CUSOMO, invited a few of my closest friends and launched my new self, and the CUSOMO brand.


On that day, I also promised myself, and those around me - I will keep pursuing my dream, doing good, and spreading both. A new brand was made. A new way of living has been established. 2020 proved to us all that CUSOMO is the only way to move forward. In September 2020, my heart is healed.


** In Hebrew, and Arabic, CUSOMO is a known, yet child friendly, curse word, that can be used with every sentence, situation or state of mind. Try it.


Get your own CUSOMO 

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